Server2 configuration changes: reboot required

We have identified the cause of the performance problems that required us to downgrade the kernel yesterday. To install the fix, we will be rebooting this server at 7am GMT today.
Update: the update was completed successfully

Server2 reboot

The new kernel on server2 is not performing as expected. Therefore we are rebooting the server to restore the previous kernel, until the performance problems are sorted out. There will be a 10 minute outage.
Update: reboot complete; outage time was 5 minutes

Kernel upgrade in progress

We are rebooting servers to install a new kernel. This should only take about 10 minutes.
Update: upgrade completed in 7 minutes. All systems running fine now.

Server2 reboot

Users on server2 will experience a 5-10 minute outage while reboot the server in the next couple of minutes. If your mail is stored on this server, we have previously provided information about this when you logged in through the web, IMAP, or POP.

Update: reboot now completed successfully


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