Reboot complete

The server has been rebooted successfully.

Server reboot

Our login server requires an immediate reboot to correct a kernel problem – all services will be down for around 5 minutes.

Server restored

The server has been rebooted and is running normally again

Backend server down

One of the backend servers is currently done. We’re rebooting it.

Alll services restored

The database server is backup, but there were some problems with one of the backend servers, stopping some users from accessing their email. This is fixed now.

All back up except for one server

All servers are online and working correctly, except for server3, which is still undergoing maintenance. Signups have been disabled during this time. We hope to have server3 back shortly.

Database server down

Our main database server is currently down, affecting all logins. We’re trying to fix this ASAP

Rebooted and restarted

The server has been restored.

Server down

One of the main servers is rebooting. Investigating.

Server reboot complete

The problem server has been rebooted


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