File storage readonly for next hour

We’re moving the filestorage to a different array because the one it’s on is at 97% and we need to clean up the disk!

The reason for locking it during the move is to ensure that nobody loses data. We apologise for any inconvenience.

all back running on the new array now

and moving back again! Another hour down. Please be patient.

Blog and wiki site offline for past day and a half

What was supposed to be a simple disk replacement took a lot longer than expected due to the right size disk not being initally available, and then a mistake which caused the machine to be unbootable.

Everything’s back up and running with no loss of data, and apologies for the long outage.

File storage outage

File storage is down for about 30 minutes while we perform a final setup procedure to make the disks detect in the right order. While it’s been working fine with lots of hand coaxing, it hasn’t been reboot safe. We’re fixing that now.

Update: filestorage is back – everything fixed up :)


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