A few emails delayed by a long time

We had a hardware failure on one of our incoming MX machines, and it’s only just now that we’ve managed to get to the data on the disks.  There were some messages which had been accepted by the our server but not yet delivered to your mailboxes.

These messages are now being delivered.  The disk we copied the messages from was fine, so they’re all there, they will just come in over a day late.

We apologise for the delay on these messages and hope it hasn’t affected anyone significantly (a quick eyeball of a few of the messages suggests they’re mainly spam)


Database server down

The main database server is down. Just checking to see the problem and reboot and failover to the replica if needed.

Update: The main database has been restored and all services should be running normally again

Delayed outgoing email

Due to a configuration error on our side, over the last 12 hours there were some delays on some outgoing emails. The actual delayed emails were random depending on the particular time and destination host the emails were sent to. No emails were lost or bounced.

The problem has been fixed, all emails have now been sent, and we’ve setup new checks to stop this happening again in the future.

Session problem

There’s a problem with sessions due to a bug in our new database session manager. Am reverting the change now. Some web connections may fail until it’s fixed.

all fixed, only problems would have been delays if you were connecting with an expired session anyway on closer examination

Servers down for 5 minutes

Due to an administration error, a couple of servers were taken down incorrectly for 5 minutes. They should be back in a few moments.

/beta/ server is down for maintainence

Not that it will matter to you unless you use /beta/, and if you do then you should expect to have to use the non-beta server while we’re working on it.  Just though I should put a note here anyway.



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