One of our servers is offline

The machine appears to be having kernel issues and had to be rebooted immediately. Since nothing else seems wrong, I have not failed over the slots – it should be up in about 10 minutes.

edit: everything looks OK again now.

Drafts folder now working again

There was a bug with some new logging code which caused connections to fail when a message with no message-id header was processed.   Unfortunately, that describes Draft messages.

The logging code has now been changed (and tested!) to work when there is no message-id field present.

One store temporarily offline

One store failed a little while ago (store44), and since we were all out at various Christmas functions we couldn’t immediately fix it.   I’ve failed it over to the replica store now.  Will investigate further the exact cause tonight.

Compose broken for 5 minutes

Status (by robm at Thu Dec 20 06:51 UTC)
Due to an error on my behalf, accessing the Compose screen to create a new blank message was broken for about 5 minutes. This has now been fixed.

One IMAP server down

Status (by robm at Wed Dec 12 08:07 UTC)
One of our IMAP servers is down. We’re investigating

Update (by robm at Wed Dec 12 08:29 UTC)
NYI are having trouble getting the affected server to boot. Given it’s the middle of the night in the US and the number of affected users is at it’s lowest at the moment, we’re giving them 10 more minutes to see if they can find any problems, then we’re going to switch over to replicas.

Update (by robm at Wed Dec 12 08:53 UTC)
We’ve failed over the machine to it’s replica services. All users should be able to login again normally.

All incoming email to the affeted server was queued while the server was down, and has now been delivered to users accounts.

We’re working with NYI to work out what’s wrong with the affected server.


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