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There’s a problem at NYI, and we don’t know exactly what’s wrong yet because we can’t contact anyone or get in to the machines.  Updates as soon as I know anything.


(argh, sorry – I managed to “unpublished” this first time through.  I’ll publish it now!)

UPDATE: Melbourne 10:38pm.  I’m on the phone to NYI now.  They’re just checking our cabinet, and their network guy is on the case.  I’ll know more soon.

UPDATE 2: Melbourne 10:49.  We’ve been back up about 3 minutes now.  I’m running around testing our machines, all looks good so far.  It was a network issue at NYI.

UPDATE 3: Melbourne 11:00. And we dropped off the map again.  NYI knows.  Hopefully this time it will be a real fix.

UPDATE 4: Just go read the forum threads already, I’ll keep posting updates there.  We’re bouncing up and down like a yoyo. (yeah, the grumpy is starting to kick in now)


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