IMAP and web server problems

Status (by robm at Tue Oct 7 06:34 UTC)
The upgrade from yesterday caused another series of problems to appear. They should be fixed in about 5 minutes.

Update (by robm at Tue Oct 7 06:44 UTC)
Everything should be working again now

Web interface currently down

Status (by robm at Mon Oct 6 03:32 UTC)
Our web interface is currently down. We’re working on fixing it. Should be a few minutes

Update (by robm at Mon Oct 6 04:47 UTC)
It took a bit longer than expected, but all services have now been restored.

Short outage on some services

Status (by brong at Mon Oct 6 00:16 UTC)
We’ve just had a short (less than a minute) outage on a couple of services.

We were doing a rolling database update, which shouldn’t have caused any problems, but the new ldap backend server failed to detect the database configuration change, and the ping script restarted everything to fix it.

Everything is running fine now, and the offending service has been changed to detect database configuration like everything else.


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