Truedomain milter re-enabled

Status (by robm at Fri Apr 2 01:39 UTC)
After working with truedomain to identify and fix a few issues, we’ve now re-enabled the truedomain milter on all incoming email. This means emails from places like facebook and linked in should now be displaying the green bar and company icons on the mailbox and message read screens again.

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Web interface problem

Status (by robm at Thu Apr 1 05:02 UTC)
Due to an incomplete code commit, there was a 10 minute outage on the main web interface where most attempts to access a mailbox would have generated an error of the form.

Can’t locate object method "FolderEmptyDetails" via package "MailApp::Mailbox" at /home/mod_perl/hm/MailApp/ line 403.

This has been fixed.

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