Short outage for all users

Status (by brong at Wed Apr 25 10:15 UTC)
We’ve just had a very brief outage for all users as an urgent update was rolled out. Everything should be working fine now.

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Intermittent web problems for some users for the last hour

Status (by robm at Mon Apr 23 15:34 UTC)
A small number of users will have been experiencing intermittent problems using the web interface for the last hour. We’ve now tracked down this problem and fixed it. Appologies for any inconvenience.

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One IMAP server is down

Status (by robm at Tue Apr 17 05:51 UTC)
One IMAP server is down affecting email access for a small number of users. We’re investigating.

Update (by robm at Tue Apr 17 06:14 UTC)
All services have now been restored

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